Blogging with a Smartphone(Everything You Need)

In today’s age of constant, rapid technological advancement, the majority of smartphones now allow you to publish blog entries immediately from your phone. The majority of blogging platforms include options that enable you to blog via email from your smartphone.

In addition to posting regular blogs, your smartphone enables you to design as well as manage your entire blog.

Can blogging be done from mobile?

Yes. It is possible to blog from a mobile phone. There are several apps available for posting from the mobile phone, and it’s wise to thoroughly research them all before deciding on one. The ability to blog on a mobile phone can save you a significant amount of time and enhance overall availability as a blogger to an incredible extent.

Benefits of Mobile Blogging

When you blog from your phone, you can communicate with your readers more swiftly. The entire goal of mobile phones is to make people more accessible, so as a writer with a phone, you are accessible. Your ability to answer quickly and efficiently will allow you to engage with your readers, create dialogues, and grow a following. Your interactions with your readers will take place in real-time, making you more approachable to them as a result. If you’re composing complete blog entries on your phone, be cautious since viewers demand clean, correct grammar content that’s well-written and well-presented.

You can use the phone to publish micro-blog articles, which will allow you to keep the blog up to date with the latest news. Not that you should ignore full-length postings when working on the smartphone, but it is preferable to concentrate on micro-posts that just inform your readers of what is going on in your life at the moment. By doing so, you may maintain your blog current without burdening yourself with an excessive amount of labor (since smartphone typing is not the most efficient form of typing).

Including images in your blog posts is another excellent choice while blogging from the phone. In most cases, the blogging platform can connect directly to your phone’s camera, allowing you to include photographs in your posts. You might also have a collection of photographs that you can utilize in your presentations.

The ability to link the blog to certain other social media platforms and to cross-post is probably the most significant benefit of using blogging services on your phone. You may cross-post as well as promote your blog on many social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Cross-posting is simple, thanks to the fact that most blogging systems provide this feature in their user interface.

Tips for blogging with a smartphone

It’s crucial to be prepared if you’re going to blog successfully from your smartphone. Utilize these strategies to ensure that you can publish material successfully on the go.

A stable Wi-Fi connection

When publishing blog content, a good wi-fi connection is critical. Before starting to record or post your blog content, ensure that you are in an area with a strong connection. Service interruptions may result in the loss of stuff you’ve worked so hard on. If you’re unsure whether you’ll have a reliable connection, consider carrying an internet-connected device with you.

A fully charged phone

Always carry an additional phone battery as well as a charger with you to guarantee that the phone is ready to upload material. If you’re on the go, utilizing wireless charging options ensures that you don’t miss any significant moments that might make for amazing content.

Additionally, it is critical to secure your phone with a case, particularly if you anticipate recording or taking images during a trip or adventure.

Maintain a data plan

If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, you can connect over your mobile network. However, there is nothing more frustrating than not having mobile data while attempting to generate excellent blog content. Consider an unlimited internet package that enables you to take and publish as many photos and videos as you desire.

Use voice-to-text technology

Your smartphone is capable of transcribing your voice into text. This simplifies and expedites the process of creating written material via mobile blogging. Before publishing, proofread the content to ensure the phone correctly heard you.

Build an Email List

When you publish material, you can attract viewers, followers, or listeners by sharing it on social media. Additionally, it’s critical to build an email list so that you can alert subscribers when you publish new content.

Whether you choose to blog via text, video, photography, podcast, or a combination of these channels, you can create compelling content with only your smartphone. These programs, techniques, and tactics will assist you in creating interesting content and expanding your online audience.

Tools for Blogging from Your Phone

You may need to conduct some research first, then organize your thoughts and, of course, include any essential screenshots and photographs.

Not to be forgotten is the optimization component (SEO, keywords, etc.) and the distribution of your material on the Web for people to read it and ideally spread it.

With these stages, blogging can be fairly time intensive, and many bloggers rapidly burn out from performing these tasks daily.

Fortunately for us, such a process no longer has to be complex. Thanks to the Internet & technology, there are plenty of tools available to support you in your blogging attempts and make them less stressful.


Cinchcast simplifies and expedites the process of creating and distributing audio podcasts. Audio files can be made and presented via an integrated player on the blog using any smartphone or tablet device. Additionally, posts can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes.


When you use TypePad, it’s simple to blog immediately from the mobile phone or your email address book. The platform is compatible with the following mobiles: iPhone, Windows Mobile 5 & 6 — as well as the vast majority of other email devices, including the iPod touch.


Blogsy is a useful software for iPad users who want to write blogs. Touch capabilities on the iPad are intended to be utilized by the application. Videos and photos, for example, can be easily included in a blog post by dragging media from the media sidebar then dropping them into the publishing interface.

Drag and drop photographs from Flickr, Picasa and Google Image Search, and movies from YouTube, into the editor as well. Blogsy is compatible with the WordPress, Blogger, and Posterous blogging systems, allowing bloggers to produce and update content in each of the supported platforms.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform. Tumblr also allows you to publish content from your mobile device or via email. To upload text, photographs, and videos on your Tumblr blog, obtain the personal email address from the “Settings” page of your blog and then use it to post them. Tumblr also has an iPhone application, which can be obtained through the iTunes store.


WordPress has mobile applications for nearly every mobile platform, including the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows, and others. For instance, WordPress for iOS allows you to manage your blog from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by writing posts, uploading photographs, editing pages, and managing comments on your blog. The program, which is available mostly in iTunes App Store, supports hosted version of WP— — and the free, self-hosted version — — and is compatible with both.


Blogger Mobile is compatible with mobile that can send text messages or emails. This service is provided free of charge by Google, the company that owns Blogger; however, standard text messaging fees apply.

Blogger provides “Mail-to-Blogger,” a function that allows you to publish to your blog from any email account. This feature is intended to make blogging via email more convenient. It is simple to set up. Simply go to “Settings,” then “Email,” in the Blogger account then generate a Mail-to-Blogger address using which you can send entries to your blog via email.

You must first register with BLOGGR by sending an SMS to the number BLOGGER with the word “REGISTER” in the subject line (256447). When you submit your request, the system will respond with the URL of the new mobile blog as well as a claim code. Text messages to BLOGGER (256447) and photos to can then be sent directly from your mobile smartphone, and they will be instantly posted to your blog.


The mobile commerce platform Mobify, which is best known for it being used as a mobile commerce system, can also be used in blogging. Blogging content, such as text, photographs, and videos, can be selected using a GUI tool provided by Mobify Studio, which is available for free. Simply style it, and Mobify will take care of the rest.

When you want to bring new content — a blog article, for example — Mobify can connect with the current content management system so, when you update the content on the desktop site via your existing CMS, the content on your mobile site automatically mirrors the changes made on your desktop site

Video Applications

When you capture footage using the smartphone, you’ll need an editing program to make any necessary adjustments before publishing the video. Some of the simplest video editing programs are as follows:


Utilize the Quik application to mash together video snippets that are all related to one another. You can also customize each slide by adding filters, titles, and text.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This app, known for its simplicity and efficiency, is the mobile phone version of Adobe Premiere software, which allows you to arrange video clips into a seamless reel and export them. 


You can clip together or edit a video with the InShot app, and you can also add special effects to the reel using this tool.


 The WeVideo application helps to integrate video clips and make seamless transitioning between clips. It is available for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, you can include a green screen or stock graphics to make the video more visually appealing.

Photo Apps 

If you’re a blogger who relies on graphics to engage readers, mobile blogging is an excellent method to keep your material fresh on the road. Utilize one of the following popular picture editing programs to ensure that your images are flawless before publication:


You may add text & filters to your images with the Canva app. Additionally, you can resize or straighten photographs.


Enhance your images with the Over app’s templates and graphics. Experiment with lighting and make certain that your photographs are mobile-friendly.


The VSCO app simplifies picture editing with rapid presets and automatic lighting and color correction.

Photoshop Express

Through Photoshop Express, you may edit photographs by applying filters and text, creating collages, and adding watermarks.

Accessories for photography, including a pocket camera or a photography module, assist you in capturing high-quality photographs.

  1. Podcasting applications

When recording voice for the podcast, choose an audio-only app. Among the most popular podcasting apps are the following:


With Soundcloud, there are no length restrictions on your podcast and you can access weekly stats to learn more about your listeners.


As a platform for hosting the content, Audioboom concentrates on monetizing your blog.


When you are using iPadio to host the podcast, you can capture up over 60 minutes and organize your content with text, tags, and titles.


The Simplecast software enables you to modify your podcast in preparation for publication on the leading audio streaming platforms. Additionally, it has a robust analytics tool for your content.

Writing applications

If you’re going to rely on text, find a platform that enables you to create well-structured content. The following are among the most effective writing applications for smartphones:


With WordPress, you may produce unique content by selecting a domain & blog theme.


Before publishing your blog entry, try Grammarly to check for grammar and spelling issues.

Google Docs 

Organize your blog articles using Google Docs, which highlights spelling and grammar issues and enables collaboration with other users.


using the Evernote app to communicate with others or to jot down ideas for your future blog piece. Before generating your article, use this app to organize your thoughts.

What specs should mobile have to be able to blog from smartphones?

Any mid-range mobile with a responsive touchpad and a screen larger than 6 inches is adequate for blogging. Bear in mind that you do not need the “ideal” mobile phone to begin started. If your current phone is capable of running blogging applications, you’re good to go.


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